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GRAND PRIZES | Laura & Mauser’s World Champs Raffle!

Originally posted on Barefoot at the 2012 World Endurance Champs:
Wild Coast Horse Safaris There are just TWO weeks left to enter Laura & Mauser’s World Champs Raffle before the final draw on 31st March for the GRAND PRIZE and other top tier prizes!¬†¬†Here’s what you could win…. A 7 night Wild Coast Horse Safari for…

Nursing a horse through AHS | African Horse Sickness

African Horse Sickness is a disease endemic to certain parts of Africa. It is thought to be a Zebra virus carried by midges. It can be a a serious disease with high mortality, but many horses do recover. There is a vaccine but its effectiveness is hotly debated. Standard veterinary treatment, which is aimed at … Continue reading