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Endurance horses

Getting ready for THE RIDE | Barry Armitage & Joe Dawson

PSV Nile and PSV Mabruk eagerly waiting their turn to mount into the horsebox

It’s Thursday, 10 May 2012…

Earlier this morning, Bob and Laura were playing groom, and helping Barry Armitage and Joe Dawson saddle up their second mounts of Day 5 of THE RIDE of Harry Whackalong Smite, PSV Mabruk and PSV Kandahar!

PSV Nile is waiting in the wings for his turn at the next horse change, in case one of the men needs a fresh mount, although the distance they’re covering today with our horses is roughly the same as the average endurance ride our horses are used to.

And our horses love to compete… they know what it means when they see the horsebox getting prepped, and need no persuasion to load!

This wasn’t their first encounter with our horses though.  At the OVK Endurance Challenge both Barry and Joe had an impromptu riding lesson from Laura.  Not during the race though, I hasten to add… If you’d like to find out more about it, here’s Barry’s blog account!: A Lesson from the Queen

Then the following weekend, Barry attended our Essential Barefoot Course, to get a better understanding of how horses’ hooves function before riding our barefoot beauties on Day 5 of THE RIDE of Harry Whackalong Smite… today! He posted a great  of photos on THE RIDE’s facebook page.

The last report said they were galloping along the Route 62, exceeding 20km/h and looking good!

Lucy Dixon


About Perseverance

PERSEVERANCE Arabian & Endurance Horses have special Arabian bloodlines, they have functionally beautiful bodies, and they do endurance barefoot. TEAM PSV: Francois & Laura Seegers, Gurth & Rosemary Walton, Lucy Dixon, Donalyn Hennessy & Ashley Gower. www.endurancehorse.co.za


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