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Eventually Further and Faster?

I made a very bold statement quite recently. I suppose I was feeling super confident because things have been going extremely well with our barefoot endurance horses. Our best horse, Perseverance Jedi, continues to improve and get faster and faster, and now that he has got up to National Team level, that is very gratifying. … Continue reading

Why is a stable bad for my horse?

Stables are for the convenience of people, not for horses. Some wild animals do live in caves or dens. These are animals such as bears, cats or dogs. Wild horses live on the open grassy plains where they can see predators coming from a long way off. The horses also have the freedom of wide … Continue reading

The Essential Barefoot Course – 17 to 19 June 2011

Here is your chance to tap into the formidable knowledge and experience of two of South Africa’s pioneering barefoot endurance riders! Bob and Laura Seegers are hosting another barefoot workshop at Broederstroom which will incorporate all aspects of riding, maintaining and training a barefoot horse, focusing on natural horsemanship principles. Broederstroom is the home of … Continue reading