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The Prodigal Goose

Some creatures are Survivors. It can be due to perseverance and their own intrinsic qualities, physical strengths and character. Grey Goose is one like that. She’s survived four major incidents in her life. The first came when she was young: a farmer had been advised to cut down his horse numbers. An expert came and … Continue reading

Nursing a horse through AHS | African Horse Sickness

African Horse Sickness is a disease endemic to certain parts of Africa. It is thought to be a Zebra virus carried by midges. It can be a a serious disease with high mortality, but many horses do recover. There is a vaccine but its effectiveness is hotly debated. Standard veterinary treatment, which is aimed at … Continue reading

Why is a stable bad for my horse?

Stables are for the convenience of people, not for horses. Some wild animals do live in caves or dens. These are animals such as bears, cats or dogs. Wild horses live on the open grassy plains where they can see predators coming from a long way off. The horses also have the freedom of wide … Continue reading

Hypertonic saline drips for horses – Apr 2011

We at Perseverance are not in favour of intravenous fluid drips before or after major events, but that is just our opinion. Many professionals argue that highly competitive horses are assisted by such intervention, and it is fairly common at international events. Sometimes tired and dehydrated endurance horses are deemed in need of help in … Continue reading

African Horse Sickness Precautions – Nov 2010

More ways of protecting your horse from horse sickness and other viral diseases. We are all familiar with the standard advice on keeping your horse safe from African Horse Sickness: vaccinate annually, stable your horse from late afternoon to well after sunrise, apply insect repellents daily. However, these precautions have sometimes failed to prevent a … Continue reading