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The Benefit of Perseverance | Barry Armitage

We had a surprise visit to the stud last week from Barry Armitage, soon to be a South African television star with his new series, Ride of the Peacemaker.

Barry Armitage and Joe Dawson during filming for The Ride of the Peacemaker

Last year, he and his friend Joe Dawson took on the mind-boggling task of following the 600 mile route that Dick King rode 168 years ago from Durban to Grahamstown, in the same time.  Much has changed though – Dick King never had to face highways, robots (traffic lights for any non-South Africans reading this) and rush-hour traffic – although Barry & Joe did also ride through some of South Africa’s most beautiful and unspoilt tracts of land on the Wild Coast.  For that section they borrowed horses from our friends Julie-Anne Gower at Wild Coast Horse Trails, and Klara Ann Webb at Daleview Equestrian Academy.

The Ride of the Peacemaker will be get its first airing on SABC 3 from the 3rd of October.  And next year they’ll be taking on The Ride of Harry Whackalong Smite, from Cape Town to Grahamstown… and if all goes to plan the Perseverance horses will be helping them along their way.

Here is Barry’s blog about his visit to Broederstroom: The Benefit of Perseverance | Barry Armitage.


Lucy Dixon


About Perseverance

PERSEVERANCE Arabian & Endurance Horses have special Arabian bloodlines, they have functionally beautiful bodies, and they do endurance barefoot. TEAM PSV: Francois & Laura Seegers, Gurth & Rosemary Walton, Lucy Dixon, Donalyn Hennessy & Ashley Gower. www.endurancehorse.co.za


One thought on “The Benefit of Perseverance | Barry Armitage

  1. Following your epic journey I would like to add;
    The drift where King drove through is here on the farm Otago at Marina Beach south of Margate. A pity that on his return two of the soldiers accompanied him died in a storm when trying to save two horses. The Graves are on the farm although the exact spot is not well known to me.

    Posted by Jan oosthuizen | 17 October 2011, 9:19 pm

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