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‘He’s got diamonds on the soles of his hooves…’ – Nov 2009

Hi there

Welcome to a bit of history –  the first of our regular newsletters sent out in November 2009 – from the Perseverance stud just outside the gem of the Karoo, otherwise known as Graaff-Reinet.

Perseverance Jedi and Laura Seegers at the Beaufort West International Challenge

We achieved our main goal of the 2009 season by upgrading PSV Jedi to a 3-star FEI hundred miler horse! Consider that at the start of the year he had never done more than an 80 km ride, but has progressed to 2-star 120km at the International Challenge at Beaufort West, and finally a 3-star 160km at Schanskraal. We also demonstrated that Jedi has a turn for speed by winning the 80km at Koffiefontein

Laura says ‘It was a thrill to feel Jedi so keen at Koffiefontein. We stopped near the start of the ride to allow another rider to adjust her saddle and we weren’t riding with the front horses. Nevertheless, by the final leg we had caught up with everyone in the field. Ina Bryer and I rode most of that last leg together and in a dash for the finish Jedi crossed the line first!’

The fact that Jedi also won Best Condition and then Best of the Best overall just goes to prove that we are on the right road with our barefoot riding. He (and Laura) are very pleased with the diamond they were presented with for sweeping the board at Koffiefontein!



Perseverance Serengeti, the first foal of 2009/2010

The breeding season opened with the birth of a future stud sire, PSV Serengeti. Finally we have a colt worthy to succeed old Jaudet Silwer who will be 20 years old in January. It’s so important to have a successor for those important bloodlines (and a backup or two in case of accidents). We are all impressed by the colt Silwer produced from Latigo Serena. Serengeti has the breeding, 100% South African Old English, he has the presence that distiguishes potential sires from gelding material, that confident, “I’m the man” attitude. He has excellent conformation and, as a bonus, he will be a good size.

The second foal to arrive was PSV Sigma, also a foal of Jaudet Silwer out of Timarie Alpha. Many of you know Alpha, she was Bob’s great endurance mare in years past. She is 18 years old now and retired from her endurance career, but proving to be an elite broodmare. Alpha won many endurance rides including some 100 milers and a whole string of Best Condition awards. Since retiring she has produced a colt and three fillies in a row. They all promise to be as good as she was.



(more info and pedigrees on request)

Jaudet Silwer, our senior stallion

Of our three stallions standing at stud on Broederstroom, Jaudet Silwer is one of the few 100% Crabbet stallions in the world. All of his forebears were bred or owned by the Crabbet Stud.

Then we bought a new stallion this year to add to our Timarie bloodlines. Freddie and Renee Taljaard entrusted us with their precious Amir, knowing we would be able to make the most of his rare bloodline with the mares we own. El-Jahrousse Amir is the only purebred foal of Timarie Prince Valiant. Amir’s dam is Jaudet Venus who is a half-sister to our own Jaudet Silwer. Amir has already covered four Old English mares this summer and we have a whole lot more lined up.

And finally, we are expecting the first foal from our young four year old stallion, PSV Orient. Julie-Anne Gower’s Torstone Tahira is heavy in foal to him.


HORSES FOR SALE (more info and pedigrees on request)

We have been applying a new training system called Kikkuli this year, and we’re very happy with the results although it is intensive and time consuming. We have brought 5 horses through it and they are nearing the end of the 7 month program. We’ll soon be starting the second group, while this year’s horses get busy with a full endurance season next year. Already PSV Mauser is out of novice, Ibis has two 80s and Karoo has two 60’s.

In other news, we have a new track for speed training. The whole track is earth and not rocky, so we can train at higher speeds more often. Jedi’s great performance at Koffiefontein was one result of this. And the renovations to the Homestead are coming along nicely. We’ll be starting to cater for working riding holidays in the new year.

For more details (including pedigrees) on any of the horses, please reply to this e-mail and we’ll get info out to you straight away.

All the best from Francois and Laura Seegers and all the team here at Perseverance!

For more info, please visit our Perseverance Facebook Fan Page and Perseverance Endurance Horses website.


Lucy Dixon

Karoo Scarab CC, Broederstroom, Graaff-Reinet, South Africa


About Perseverance

PERSEVERANCE Arabian & Endurance Horses have special Arabian bloodlines, they have functionally beautiful bodies, and they do endurance barefoot. TEAM PSV: Francois & Laura Seegers, Gurth & Rosemary Walton, Lucy Dixon, Donalyn Hennessy & Ashley Gower. www.endurancehorse.co.za


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